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Ready to make a change? Whether you want to update your kitchen, renovate your bathroom, change that office into a guest bedroom, or add another room onto your home Nordine Remodeling is THE contractor to call. We can even transform your unsightly basement into a home theater, playroom, or guest space.

Add to our remodeling experience our design experience and choosing Nordine becomes the only real choice. You needn’t consult a designer and then find a remodeler who can (fingers crossed) translate their idea into a reality. Nordine is a one-stop-shop for home improvement needs.

Take some time to read a snippet below from the report you will want to get your hands on before you hire any contractor! To request this report in full, click here.

How To Choose The Right Contractor:

Questions To Ask Before Inviting One To Your Home

Before anyone selects a home remodeler we suggest you ask questions that pertain directly to their reliability, quality of work, and their trustworthiness. These nine questions could make the difference between a very good experience and a very bad experience.

Are You Licensed?

This is a tricky one in the State of Illinois. Why? Because the state has no such licensing law! Certain trades are required to have licenses such as plumbers and electricians, but general contractors are not required to have a license. If you want to check a remodeler’s honesty, ask them if they are licensed. Now some will say yes because many carry a roofer’s license but I would be curious to see what some would say if you asked if they had a general contractor’s license.

Because of the lack of licensing laws in our state, I believe it is just that much more important to take the time to check out a contractor you are considering using. Call those references and ask the tough questions!

Do You Carry General Liability Insurance?

Make sure your contractor carries general liability insurance. This type of insurance protects your property in case of damage caused by the contractor and/or his employees. The insurance company will pay for the cost of replacing and/or repairing any damage that occurs.

Anyone can say that they are insured. Make the contractor prove it by having their insurance company FAX or mail to you a certificate of insurance with your name as the certificate holder. If a contractor arrives for the first meeting after promising to bring a copy with him and claims to have forgotten it ask him to reschedule the meeting. It will be a small inconvenience compared to the major inconvenience of having an accident with an uninsured contractor.

Will You Provide Me With A Written Lien Waiver?

Your contractor should provide you with a written lien waiver at the end of a job. This is a legal document, which says that you the homeowner have paid the contractor in full for the services rendered and the contractor waives his right to place a mechanic’s lien on your property. If during the course of construction you receive any Notice to Owner documents from material suppliers or sub-contractors, it would be prudent to ask the contractor for a Final Release of Lien from each one before paying the contractor his final draw. This protects you in case the contractor doesn’t pay his material suppliers or sub-contractors after you have paid him in full.

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